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The California Labor Code prevents employers from retaliating against employees for engaging in certain protected conduct. Retaliation can take many forms such as demotion, transfer, reduction in earnings, discipline, and termination. Protected conduct that employees may freely engage in without being retaliated against includes: 

  • Exercising rights under the Labor Code
  • Disclosing violation of the law
  • Disclosing working conditions
  • Disclosing health or safety conditions
  • Refusing to work under hazardous conditions
  • Disclosing unsafe patient care
  • Advocating for medically appropriate healthcare
  • Discussing wages
  • Engaging in political activities
  • Participating in unemployment proceedings
Silhouettes of boss firing his employee for speaking up against unsafe work conditions

Employers who retaliate against an employee for engaging in any of these activities may be liable for significant damages, including punitive damages. Our law firm has many years of experience handling retaliation claims. If your employer has taken adverse employment action against you for engaging in any protected activity, contact us today to discuss your options.