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Salesman Receives $822K After a Complaint of Racial Harassment

On March 27, 2018, Jimmy Saxton was awarded $62,400 for unpaid and lost wages, $10,000 for emotional distress, and $750,000 for punitive damages on a racial harassment and wrongful termination case.

Mr. Saxton is an African-American salesman who worked for Hip Hop Beverage Corp. from March 2012 until his termination in December 2015. Mr. Saxton was allegedly called racial names by his Korean supervisor as well as other employees. Instead of an investigation, Mr. Saxton was fired in retaliation.

Hip Hop Beverage Corp. denied any harassment occurred and insisted that Mr. Saxton was not wrongfully terminated. The company also claimed that Mr. Saxton was paid all the wages he was owed.

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