San Jose

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Our unmatched level of customer care and our track record of happy clients makes us a top choice for those seeking a San Jose employment lawyer. Our success lies in our passion for doing the right thing and protecting vulnerable employees who need us the most.


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At Stonebrook Law, our Sacramento employment lawyer fights nonstop for the benefit of employees all across the capital. … The legal team at Stonebrook Law can guide you through the complicated web of labor legislation.

San Francisco

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For our San Francisco employment lawyer, pursuing justice for our clients is both a job and a moral prerogative. It’s work that we at Stonebrook Law approach with passion.

San Diego

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Stonebrook Law has a full-service San Diego employment lawyer who represents employees both in and out of the courtroom. We compassionately and fearlessly pursue justice for our clients.

Orange County

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Stonebrook Law has the Orange County employment lawyer you need to advance your case and restore justice. Whether you’re facing a trial, arbitration, or mediation, we can help. We represent employees from all cities within Orange County, including Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Irvine, where our office is located.


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If you’re an employee and need legal advice because you think your workplace rights have been violated, give our Fresno employment lawyer a call today. Find out for yourself how we’ll fight for you!

Los Angeles

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With a particular eye to providing our clients with top-notch costumer service, our Los Angeles employment lawyer is solution-focused so we can resolve every case we take on in a way that is most advantageous to each individual plaintiff we represent.